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Franklin Frijling
Managing Director/Founder
ICT Trainingen & Diensten

The training was excellent.

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SAP VC Support Analyst
Firestone Building Products

Very helpful and professional members.

Rizwan Shah
SAP Business System Analyst

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How To Manage Staff When You Are Finally Together Again

When COVID-19 abruptly changed the world, businesses had to adapt. Remote work became an overnight necessity and helped sustain the economy. It was a lifesaver in a storm, but simply is not the ideal way to continue working forever for most of us.    In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can steer your office crew back into work mode after an extended closure or remote work situation.  Remote work ...

Lorraine Grula Posted on 9/25/2020
by Lorraine  Grula

10 Tips for Completing SAP Work Orders

SAP Work Orders are an integral part of the SAP Work Management process. They constitute not only the planning and scheduling of the maintenance work involved but also crucial historical information that helps develop business and asset improvement strategies, forecasting, and budgeting. Most organizations excel in the planning and scheduling of Work Orders (or internal orders, maintenance orders, service orders, etc.), as these are more ...

Wendell Clavin Posted on 9/24/2020
by Wendell  Clavin

Using ABAP on SAP Cloud Trial Platform

There have been major changes in the IT industry, especially with the introduction of RESTful Programming Model e.g. ODATA. These changes all lead to the Micro-service architecture, which it did not make sense to me, as I have been an ABAP developer and this was not relevant to me, I was living in my own ABAP world, there was only ABAP, no other ABAP worlds interested me. The term made sense to me when I registered into SAP Free Cloud Trial Account, ...

Michael Management Posted on 9/21/2020
by Michael  Management