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I took the online LSMW class and it was great. Thanks!

Mary Ellen Dittemore
SAP Analyst
Trader Joe's

MMC`s training courses are right to the point, easy to understand and makes you feel right at home. My knowledge of SAP has really grown since I started this training and I would recommend anyone who wants to kick-start their career in SAP.

Amos Mukomberanwa
SAP Specialist
Old Mutual South Africa

Thank you. It is a great service.

Janet Lawrance
Senior SAP Functional Analyst
Catalyst Paper

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How does Operational Procurement work?

The operational procurement process is what allows a professional organization to perform purchases, that will be useful either for office purposes, for production, or for sales and distribution. The larger the company, the more it will benefit from applying best practices around purchasing – however, even the smaller business will gain from using these processes, especially by leveraging the best practices at first, and eventually by joining ...

Yoann Bierling Posted on 5/9/2019
by Yoann  Bierling

Increasing Your Productivity: Finishing What You Started

Productivity is kind of a big deal. Without it, we get nowhere fast. The reasons for not beginning a task tend to be forceful and endless: there’s no time, it’s not the right time, I haven’t been keeping track of the time, etc. And we, as humans (even those teaching SAP training), are naturally inclined to want to do, well, nothing. We want to relax, put our feet up, and maybe catch up on our favorite series. The problem is ...

Elvira Veksler Posted on 5/3/2019
by Elvira  Veksler

Are All of Your Customers Profitable to You?

Are All of Your Customers Profitable to You? The only value a company will ever create for its shareholders and owners is the value that comes from its customers – its current ones and new ones acquired in the future. Customers are source of wealth creation for shareholders and owners. To remain competitive, companies must determine how to keep customers longer, grow them into bigger customers, make them more profitable, serve them more ...

Gary Cokins Posted on 4/8/2019
by Gary  Cokins