Corporate SAP Training

Half The Price.

Corporate accounts are the most efficient way to deploy an SAP training program. Budget, time and ROI are the most important factors in making a training program successful. Corporate accounts are designed to address all of this. Add to this that our training is online, measurable, self-paced, and beautifully modern, and you’ve got the perfect solution for your SAP training needs.

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Tight Budgets?

With our SAP eLearning solutions you save 50% over the cost of traditional classroom training. Figure in travel expenses and absences and your savings approach 70%! Your bottom line: train more people in less time for half the cost.

No Time For Training?

Gone are the days of all-day, onsite classroom training – we’re all too busy for that. Our SAP training courses are chopped into easy-to-take 30-minute lessons. People can take a lesson in the morning, over lunch or squeeze one in before they head out – all without missing a beat during their regular work schedule. It’s no wonder that 60% of SAP professionals prefer online training over any other training method.

The SAP Training Gap

That’s the difference between the training your team received vs. what they really needed. The wider the gap, the higher the risk exposure for serious problems. In fact, 4 out of 10 SAP professionals admit that they have not received enough training to perform their job duties.


of our SAP students say our training has improved their SAP knowledge.


of SAP professionals prefer online training over traditional classroom training.


cost savings with eLearning over classroom training.

Find out why Procter & Gamble, Verizon, and Boeing chose our SAP eLearning over traditional classroom training.