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SAP Best Practice Review Sessions

We have worked with over 150 SAP clients all over the world and our SAP product expertise for the Asset Accounting module is unmatched. We know what works and what doesn't.
Together with our clients we review areas where most errors occur or most redundancy appears. We then compare the defined business processes and configuration to our Best Practice knowledge repository and suggest enhancements and re-designs that can result in quick and effective improvements.

A typical session takes about 3-5 days depending on scope and focuses on the following:

  • Review configuration to identify areas with incorrect settings that can lead to significant problems
  • Identify areas where enhanced SAP functionality can lead to considerable process improvements
  • Review business processes and compare to MMC's Best Practices repository
  • Provide recommendations for corrections and improvements to deliver quick & measurable results

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"Within a few short weeks we can enhance your SAP business by leaps and bounds! Our SAP Best Practice Review Sessions focus on quick & measurable improvements in SAP configuration, business process reengineering and user procedures and training."
Thomas Michael
Chief Executive Officer


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SAP Best Practice Review

Download SAP Best Practice Reviews

Download SAP Best Practice Reviews

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